ETL demonstrates Extract, Transform and Load, these elements are involved in the process of data warehousing. The information used is extracted from different sources and then it is transformed into the structured data type, data loading is being done in a single depository. ETL testing training is integral for the relevant field enthusiasts to pursue a successful career in this domain.

ETL and Data

The use of ETL involves refining data by verifying it, validating the credentials, and qualifying it. It helps data to eradicate extra non-useful records, duplicate records and prevent loss of the data. Information acquired is then used for data analytics and also business intelligence purposes. It helps in lowering the business risk for owners by developing data integrity.

Eight Stages of ETL Testing Process

There are eight stages of ETL Testing:

  • Identifying the business requirements, designing, defining, and documenting the data.
  • Validation of the data sources used
  • Carefully designing the test cases
  • Extraction of data from the source systems
  • Application of transformation logic
  • Loading of data into the targeted warehouse
  • Summarizing of the report
  • Final closure of the test

Nine Types of Tests

  • New system testing
  • Source to the count target testing
  • Source to the data target testing
  • Metadata testing
  • Performance testing
  • Testing of data transformation
  • Testing of data quality
  • Testing of data integration
  • Final report testing
Stages of ETL Testing Process

Automation Testing Training for beginners:

As we earlier in this blog had a look at the importance of automation testing, its increasing scope, and its importance in IT. We’ll now move towards the element of feasibility, whether Automation Testing Training is achievable for beginners or not. It involves coding, and someone without knowledge of it can face many difficulties in learning automation testing. Beginners who want to learn about this type of testing must have a grip of coding knowledge. Graders should get used to using open-source tools and third-party tools along with a combination of frameworks for automation testing. The training required for Automation Testing should be acquired from the right institution because it is an integral element behind shaping your skills. 

We’ve listed down the number of best institutions where you can access Automation Testing Training and become a future automation developer.