SRE Training

The goal of the SRE Training Course is to explain SRE. Also discussed is the significance of SRE and how businesses can use it. It teaches the Service Level Objectives idea (SLOs). SLO is a method of expressing and assessing the intended level of service sureness. After completion, you should use these ideas to create the initial set of SLOs for similar services. Also, you will learn how to use Service Level Indicators (SLIs). We can use it to calculate reliability and Error Budgets. It will help companies make better engineering decisions. You will learn with our training course how to create a meaningful SLI. Also, how to develop SLIs and SLOs for a hypothetical service. The SRE Training Course is also a fantastic way to learn about SRE practices and concepts. It facilitates System Administrators and Software Engineers interested in becoming Site Reliability Engineers (SREs).

Quality Analyst Training

SRE Curriculum

  • SRE Professional Introduction.
  • SRE Principles in Action.

  • SRE principles such as SLO, SLA, SLI, and Error Budgets.
  • Incident Management and Monitoring.
  • Data storage and management.
  • Networking and SRE Team Models.
  • Infrastructure for computing.
  • Compliance and security.
  • Resiliency and Reliability.

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