QA Testing Training

The Quality assurance testing training is the perfect opportunity for all those who are searching for software testing (basics + innovative) education. If you are new to that IT environment, need to change the software testing knowledge, and be to pursue a career at testing or if you need to create a career move from a different technology, the way is just for you. Find course information below. We think that the tester’s expertise should have a grasp that is beyond technical knowledge. Through the QA testing class, we need to take you on how to be one at the IT business and not only the tester. The spoken and written communication skills are going to be immensely improved through the way because we are starting to act on a daily basis.

Automation Testing Training for beginners:

QA Testing training curriculum

  • Live project with software testing included

  • Learn QA testing basics

  • Advanced testing techniques

  • Course content designed

  • QA Testing methodologies

  • Understand JIRA and Buqzilla tools

  • SDLC

  • Strong exposure on designing test cases

  • Lecture on resume and interview

  • A complete lecture on freelance testing website

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