QA Automation Training

QA Automation Testing means using an automation tool to carry out your test case suite. On the contrary, Manual Testing is carried out by a human sitting in front of a computer carefully executing all test steps. Automation software can also enter test data into your System Under Test and balance expected. it can make genuine results. And you can generate your comprehensive test reports with this Test Automation demands substantial investments of money and resources. This technique uses to test and compare the real outcome with the expected outcome. This can be attained by writing test scripts or using any automation testing tool. Test automation is used to automate repetitive tasks and other testing tasks which are hard to perform manually. The QA automation testing program will set you on the course of becoming an experienced automation test engineer with a focus on software development and quality assurance. QA Automation testing helps you to attain success in optimizing your test automation plan of action and methodology. You can get some advantages of QA Automation testing training.

  • You can test significantly faster than human users.
  • Can test on how the website or software reacts after repeated execution of the same operation.
  • Testers can build test suites of tests that cover every feature in the software application.
  • Also, testers can program sophisticated tests that bring hidden information.
Automation Testing Training

QA Automation Training Curriculum

  • Learn to automate web applications that are integrated with DevOps processes,

  • You’ll receive Java certification training

  • Utilize containers on the Docker platform

  • You can use popular testing technologies

  • Learn core computer science concepts from leading industry experts with content structured to
    ensure industrial relevance

  • Build an end-to-end application and test it with exciting features

  • Earn an industry-recognized course completion certificate


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