ETL QA Training

This training covers ETL QA. It is used to test all the stages involved in raw data transformation into BI. Businesses gather raw data from daily transactions carried out in organizations. Then, the ETL process consolidates and transforms this data into usable information. It then stores transformed data in data warehouses. ETL QA performs many tasks to debug every stage of transformation, ensuring efficiency. It verifies the quality of the data and validates the source. It also runs data checks and performance tests, keeps error logs, and runs other tests too. Thus, ETL is part of a company’s ability to gather information about its performance in the market. ETL QA Training begins with a review and analysis of data warehousing. It distinguishes ETL from BI. It also describes the stages of the extract-transform-load process. Moving forward, it discusses the errors that impact each stage. The training also discusses the types of ETL tests that are performed to purge them.

Quality Analyst Training

ETL QA Curriculum

  • What is a Data Warehouse?

  • Need for Data Warehouse
  • Introduction to OLTP, ETL and OLAP Systems
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • ODS (Operational Data Store)
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • Difference between relation and dimensional modeling
  • What is the dimension table
  • ETL architecture
  • What is ETL and the importance of ETL testing

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