DevOps Training

DevOps assists in increasing the organization’s speed in delivering software applications. It allows organizations to serve their customers better. It also allows competing more strongly in the market. We can define DevOps as an alignment of development and IT operations with better communication. If you are looking to understand the practical aspects of DevOps, it is the best place to start DevOps training. Also, to get a solid foundation in the subject. It’ll assist you in finding how to apply DevOps practices within your organization. We will start with an introduction to DevOps, its characteristics, and its benefits. Then we will move on to the topics of continuous integration and delivery. The learning path then carries on to Introduction to Operations. Once you have got your deployment up, you need to keep the operations running smoothly.

Quality Analyst Training

DevOps Curriculum

  • Fundamentals of Linux.
  • Git, GitHub, and the GitFlow pattern are used to manage code.
  • DevOps Introduction.
  • Continuous Deployment / Continuous Integration
  • Estructura de DevOps y Infrastructure as Code
  • Using Docker to build apps in containers.

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