Business Intelligence Training

Quality Analyst Training is offering the best Business Intelligence Training. In this training, you will gain the skills to use data warehouses for BI purposes. You will become able to work as a BI developer. You will have the chance to work with large data sets in a data warehouse environment. You will also learn the use of MicroStrategy’s Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Also, you will learn Visualization potentials to create visualizations and dashboards. The training gives an overview of how BI technologies can support decision-making across many business sectors. These technologies have impacted corporate strategy, performance, and competitiveness. It also encompasses decision support systems, business intelligence, and visual analytics. Modules are organized around BI concepts, tools, and applications. Also, around the use of data warehouses for business reporting and online analytical processing. Plus, for creating visualizations and dashboards, and business performance management, and descriptive analytics.

Quality Analyst Training

Business Intelligence Curriculum

  • Decision Making and Decision Support Systems.
  • Business Intelligence Concepts and Platform Capabilities.
  • Data Visualization and Dashboard Design.
  • Business Performance Management Systems.
  • BI Maturity, Strategy, and Summative Project.
  • Shaping and Combining Data.
  • Business Intelligence Technology Counterparts.
  • The Spectrum of Business Intelligence.
  • Business Intelligence User Interfaces
  • Requirements Association
  • On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

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