Automation Testing Training

As most people in the software industry learn, there are differences between manual testing and automated testing. Manual testing involves physical experience and effort to ensure that software code does everything it’s said to do. Additionally, manual testers have to give the number of their findings. This requires checking log files, external companies and the information for mistakes. If you’re acquainted with manual testing, you learn the process will be extremely time-consuming and repetitive. Automatic experiment is, well, automated. This differs from manual testing where the human is responsible for single-handedly proving the functionality of the software in the way the person could. Because automated testing is done through the automation tool, less time is required at preliminary tests and more time is required in keeping test scripts while increasing total exam coverage.

Automated QA testing curriculum

  • API testing for any application

  • Automated tests using selenium web driver

  • Execution of automated tests using ant

  • Basic of java

  • Basics of JUnit

  • End to end test automation

  • Learn manual and automation testing

  • Functional testing on mobile apps

  • Use SQL Server integration services

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