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Quality Analyst Training

In our training institute, you learn all features of quality analyst that how he test any software or product. Quality analyst roles and responsibilities in any organization.

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Automated QA Testing

Automation QA testing, which is also called automation testing, Its work on automation tools so we provide training of these tools, and usage of this tool. This method involves the automation of a manual method.

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QA Training

QTP Automation Tester

QTP – Quick Test pro Training is designed for software Testing Professionals with the need to see the QTP in sufficient detail along with its simple summary, and useful lessons. QTP – can tell you enough ingredients to begin with QTP from where you will get yourself in higher level of expertise.

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QA Training

QA Testing Training

QA testing training course is meant by operating professionals during a method that, course it’ll progress from introducing you to the fundamentals of software testing to advanced topics like software configuration management, making a test arrange, test estimations, etc.

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QA Training

Software Testing Training

Software Testing is the procedure of executing an application with an intention to check that the software is bug-free or not. The software testing course allows you to master Automation Tools Testing. Software Testing is a crucial process without which no software release can happen.

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